The perfect ship is a real thing and was built by a Spaniard: Javier Jáudenes. This Bilbao native, who is now settled in Palma de Mallorca, has climbed the mount Olympus of super yacht construction with his WinWin vessel. Luxury at its finest. Unbeatable.

Super yachts are the haute couture of the nautical leisure sector. Vessels that are custom made, with no restrictions on creativity other than those imposed by the human imagination; money is never an issue. The dream of every naval architect. It is an exclusive club, membership of which is limited to only the world’s best, and Javier Jáudenes is among this select group.

“Throughout my whole life all of my energy has been focused on becoming a ship designer”, explains Jáudenes. An example of how his perseverance has paid off is the completion of the WinWin. It is a super yacht that measures 33 metres in length that was made to turn heads. A true masterpiece that took up two years of the ship architect’s life to complete and inspired his best work.

Built by the Finnish shipyard Baltic Yachts, it is this summer’s embodiment of exclusivity. It is a unique, tailor-made boat; a true one-off. A perfect fusion that incorporates a competition boat and a leisure cruiser in the same vessel. Like the best competition yachts, its hull is made entirely of carbon and she has sleek, Nordic lines: perfect for relaxation.

This luxury item, which belongs to a German shipowner, has earned Jáudenes the opportunity to create ships that have been crowned winners at award ceremonies such as the Showboats Design Awards and the World Super Yacht Awards. These are the most prestigious accolades of their kind in the world. The dream of every shipowner. Never before has a Spaniard reached such dizzying heights in this sector which, until now, has been ruled by just a select few. Javier has gotten this far through hard work, talent and a lot of persistence. The perfect formula to climb to the top.